Catich Gallery

Located Inside Galvin Fine Arts Center

The Catich Gallery was created in 1985 as a memorial to the Rev. Edward M. Catich, founder of the St. Ambrose College Art Department in 1939 and world-renowned calligrapher, stone incisor, and artist.

In 2002, this intimate gallery was re-configured to host contemporary art exhibits featuring the work of regional and national artists as well as faculty and seniors graduating with honors.

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Catich Gallery Floor Plan (pdf)

Photo of an art piece created by Madelyn Turner

Madelyn Turner: Tending to My Flesh

8/21/23 - 10/06/23

Madelyn Turner is a figurative painter based in Illinois. She has a BA in studio art and is currently pursuing an MFA degree at Illinois State University. She is interested in the space between figuration and abstraction, including how this exploration can create a new way of exploring her body and experiences with feminine identity.

My approach to painting is a conversation with the canvas as I discover and give shape to figures. Through automatic painting and abstracting the figure, I explore the duality of the separation yet union of my body.

I've realized that the process of painting allows me to feel the discomfort of corporeal (dis)embodiment: the haunted flesh. Even so, the conversations I'm having through painting transcend merely tapping into embodiment. Indexing conversations that I have with my body onto the surface of the painting while I work is a way for me to understand my body trauma.

The bodily and bloody texture of oil paint and cold wax opens an exploration into the body cavity of the work. Flesh becomes material. These entangled remnants at times become buried within the folds of the painting. Through the process of excavation, the painting is struggling to remember.

Dark Sensory Spaces Exhibit Poster

DARK SENSORY SPACES | Immersive Sensory Exhibit

10/23/23 - 12/15/23

DARK SENSORY SPACES offers a multi-sensory, immersive experience to explore art in many ways. This dark sensory exhibit celebrates all abilities through sound, silence, color, texture, access, light and dark.

For an audio description of the exhibit, click .

watercolor by Fr. Catich

Catich Digital Collection

Digital access to the artwork of Fr. Edward Catich

Fr. Catich (1906-1979), one of the world's finest calligraphers, was known as an international authority on stone incising, typography and stained glass fabrication, and as the foremost authority on the Roman alphabet, its origin, nature and history.

The Catich Gallery sells Fr. Catich's book, The Origin of the Serif,  in both hardcover and paperback, but only the 2nd edition (1991) is available. For all purchases, please email catich@sau.edu, or call 563-333-6444.

Catich Gallery Hours

During the Academic Year

Located inside the Galvin Fine Arts Center, on Gaines Street between Lombard and Locust. Open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Closed weekends.


The gallery features regional and nationally known artists as well as graduating seniors from the Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Book Arts departments.

We often show work from the University's collection, including works by Father Edward M. Catich.

Past Artists

Since 2003, dozens of artists have exhibited their work in the Catich Gallery.

Below is an alphabetical list of past artists. Click on an artist's name to view more work.

Josh Anderson
Kathryn Anderson
Peter Axelsen
Jill Baker

Leslie Bell
Roy R. Behrens
Megan Berner
Steve Berger

Megan Bishop
Brian Borchardt

Gillian Brown
Carla Bryant
Jordan Campbell
Craig Carman

Marcia Ciro

Aurora De Armendi

Brigham Dimick

Pat Edwards

Caleb Engstrom
Renee Meyer Ernst
Benjamin Estes

Fritz Goeckner
Ekaterina Golova
Patrick Earl Hammie

Hatch Show Prints
Daniella Hawkes
Travis Head
Kristine Heykants

Katie Kiley

The Ladydrawers

Abby Lownik

Mary McCarthy

Jake Miller
Clifton Meador

Jenn Myers
Audrey Niffennegger
George Olson
Lisa Olson
Timeon Oyeyemi
Anna Pate
Maxine Payne
Michael Perrone

John Preston
Kristin Quinn

Jason Renaud

Randy Richmond
Michael Roberts
Lee Emma Running
Marian Runk

Vida Sacic
Cherie Sampson

Jonathan Sims

Annie Stone

Sarah Thilenius
Jon Veal
Vanessa Vobis
Margaret Whiting
Lee White
Susan Chrysler White

Erick Wolfmeyer
Janine Wong

Jeremy Ziegenhorn

Past Exhibitions

Please note: This page only lists the most recent exhibition seasons from the past 10 years.


Tending to My Flesh
Madelyn Turner

DARK SENSORY SPACES | Immersive Sensory Exhibit
Jill Wells


2022 Faculty and Staff
Kristin Quinn, Joseph Lappie, Renee Meyer Ernst, Christopher Reno, Randy Richmond, Lee White, Heidi Hernandez, Les Bell, Anna Pate

Apinae and Encifera
Lee Emma Running


Susan Chrysler White

Studio of Exhibition
Clifton Meador

Steve Berger

Senior Honors and Seniors 2022
Timeon Oyeyemi & Abby Lownik


Immigrant Luchadores: The Fight Goes On and On
Exhibition by Miriam Alarcón Avila

Alt Space Chicago
Jon Veal and Jordan Campbell


Acute Accents
Vida Sacic

Truth and Beauty
Sandra Louise Dyas

Finding God in the Dark
Rosalind Wilcox '88

Senior Honors Exhibition


Faculty and Staff Exhibition
Kristin Quinn, Joseph Lappie, Kathryn Anderson, Renee Meyer Ernst, Christopher Reno, Alison Filley, Randy Richmond, Heidi Hernandez, Les Bell, Steve Banks

Destroyed Cities and Sinking Ships
Anita Jung & Yannick Meurice - collaborative prints

42,000 Years on the Same Block
Pictures by Marty Harris - drawings, prints, paintings

A Family Tree
Photomicrographs from the Tree of Life

The Night Bookmobile
Audrey Niffenegger - original illustrated pages from the graphic novel

Senior Honors Exhibition
Sarah Thilenius/Daniella Hawkes


Disturbed Ground
Kristin Musgnug - Paintings

Greta Songe - Drawings and installation

Meka Jean: Ivy League Ratchet
TJ Dedeaux-Norris - Installation and video/performance

Supplies for Viable Living
The Moving Crew

Senior Honors
Christopher Murphey/Marlene Sack


Tell Me Again
July 2016
Joseph Lappie - wood blocks and prints

Faculty Exhibition 
August 1 - September 8, 2016
澳门六合彩资料 Art Department
Artists include: Kathryn Anderson, Les Bell, Fr. Edward Catich, Thomas Chouteau, Renee Meyer Ernst, Alison Filey, Linda Kelty, Joseph Lappie, Kristin Quinn, Christopher Reno, Randy Richmond, John Schmits

From Here
September 14th - October 25th, 2016
Matthew Hoffman - Recent works

between is not so far
November 2 - December 13, 2016
Tom Reed - Mixed media installation and works on paper


Remnants and Relics - Brett Eberhardt
September 9 - October 24, 2015
Recent Paintings and Drawings by Brett Eberhardt

The Impossibility of Language of Construction
October 28 - December 18, 2015
Multi-media Installation by Sonnenzimmer - Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher

Bridges: A Selection of Prints from the Midwest Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers
January 20 - February 26, 2016
Prints and Books gathered by Andrew Huot of Big River Bindery in Davenport

JUSTICE! Alternative Voices and Progressive Themes in Comics
March 4 - April 16, 2016
Group Exhibition of Alternative Comics and Comics Inspired Artwork 

Senior Honors Exhibit
April 21 - May 13, 2016
Kenneth Cunningham - A Lifetime Ago: Reflections of the Past
Tessa Pozzi - Shame: A Project of Absolution


A Piece of Me - Erick Wolfmeyer
Letters from the Fringe - Brian Borchardt
September 10 - October 24, 2014
Quilts by Erick Wolfmeyer and Bookworks from Brian Borchardt

Anonymous Women
October 29 - December 12, 2014
Photographs by Patty Carroll

Recent Works
January 12 - February 20, 2015
Paintings and Drawings by Patrick Earl Hammie

Along the Way
February 25 - April 17, 2015
Prints and Artist Books by Mary Jones

Senior Honors Exhibit
April 22 - May 8, 2015
Kimberly Ellis - Mother's Room
Samantha Beitzel - Roots
Jackie Nowosielski - A Simple Existence

Methods in Tandem - 11th Annual Catich Exhibition
June 3 - September 4, 2015
Rubbings and Broadsides by Father Edward Catich
Watercolors by Meredith Lynn


The New Heartland
September 11 - October 18, 2013
Andrew Borowiec - photographs

Art and the Environment
October 23 - November 22, 2013
Margaret Whiting - altered books and collage

January 15 - February 21, 2014
Laurel Farrin & Jim Shrosbree - paintings and mixed media

Bombs & Buffalos
February 26 - April 4, 2014
John Hitchcock - printmaking

Show, and Tell...
April 9 - April 25, 2014
澳门六合彩资料 Art Department Faculty

Senior Honors
April 30 - May 14, 2014
Brittney Allen - graphic design
Leah Richter - paintings

June 13 - September 5, 2014
10th Annual Catich Exhibition - sketches and watercolors


Imagined Parts and Parcels
September 11 - October 19, 2012
Roy R. Behrens - digital montage

Book Learning
October 23 - November 20, 2012
Julie Chen - artist books

Senior Honors
November 17 - December 14, 2012
Calista Heckman
Kelley Keimig
Lora Wegener

Race Matters? Racism Matters!
January 15 - February 22, 2013
Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. - letterpress broadsides

The Deacon's Seat
February 26 - April 5, 2013
Fred Stonehouse - paintings

Senior Honors
April 23 - May 10, 2013
Veronica Swanson
Lee White

Aquatic Art
June 5 - September 6, 2013
9th Annual Catich Exhibition - watercolors


August 23 - October 7, 2011
Timothy Frerichs - Ink Washes
Louise Kames - Pastels
Katie Kiley - Intaglios
George Olson - Watercolors
Lee Emma Running - Installation

Red Memories
October 11 - November 18, 2011
Peter Xiao - Painting

Senior Honors Exhibition
November 29 - December 16, 2011

Sensing Language
January 17 - March 2, 2012
Melissa Jay Craig -- Book Arts, Installation

Telling Stories
March 6 - May 12, 2012
Leslie Bell - Painting, Photography

Calligraphic Art
June 6 - September 7, 2012
8th Annual Rev. Edward M. Catich exhibition - Varied Mediums


Christopher Reno, Director

Catich Gallery
Galvin Fine Arts Center
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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